Insurers to sell coroana kavach-corona rakshak, Kovid-19 standard health policies

Irdai has issued guidelines for all the Indian insurers to offer  mandatory Kovid-19 specific Indemnity  & benefit based standard health policies before 10th July, 2020. Indemnity based policy is to be named as “Corona kavach” whereas the one time lumpsum benefit based policy is to be named as “ Corona Rakshak”.



  1. Corana kavach: This is an indemnity based plan which reimburses hospitalization expenses actually incurred by the policyholder to the extent of the sum insured. In addition to the Kovid-19, it will also cover the cost of treatment of any co-morbid conditions, including pre-existing conditions. The sum insured range for the policy varies from 50000 to 500000 & even the tenure is also flexible with option of 3.5, 6.5 or 9.5 months.


Policy holder declared positive by a Govt. approved diagnostic center & Hospitalization  for 72 hours is the pre-condition for the claim eligibility. Conditional home care treatment up to 14 days is also covered.

Under the add-on optional cover, for which policyholders will be paid  0.5 per cent of sum insured per day of hospitalization for up to 15 days.

Corona Kavach-Detailed Guidelines


Corona Rakshak: This is benefit based plan & will pay out 100 per cent of the sum insured as lump-sum if the policyholder is hospitalized at least for 72 hours – after testing positive for COVID-19.

Other features:

  1. option of tenure for three & half month, six & half month & nine & half month.
  2. Sum insured: Sum insured can be opted from Rs. 50000.00 to Rs. 250000.00
  3. Lump-sum payment ebullient to sum insured will be reimbursed immediately after the completion of 72 hour of hospitalization.

Corona Rakshak-detailed Guidelines

Both the policies are standard policies across all the insurers without any fine print & very-very useful for the first timers.

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