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Magic car brochure for Buyers, Surveyors, Insurers

There are tens of car manufacturers each having various models & each model have no. of variants. Lets take the example of Maruti manufacturing about 15 models like alto, swift, Brezza, Baleno etc. and each model has various variants e.g Alto has eight variants like Alto std-Alto std (o), Alto Lx, Alto lxi, Alto VXi etc.  which when combined comes to hundreds in number. Each variant comes with different features as one variant comes with painted bumper while other is with plain bumper or one comes with painted view mirror housing or without paint. Some variants of particular car come with alloy wheels or power windows while other not. So this is next to impossible to remember that which variant comes with which of the features.

If you are planning to buy a car you can see the detailing of the various car variants for comparison purpose.

Lots of people buy a particular variant of car with lessor features & get the cosmetics done from local market. But as a surveyor or insurer, you are obliged to know the nitty-gritty of the variants as you have to ascertain the liability in case of accidental claim.

So here is the compiled  reference document having detailed broacher of about 150 models comprising over 500 variants of cars of all the Indian car manufacturers. Select the manufacture & click over the vehicle  model & you can view the precise detailing of the model & also at the end of the brochure you will find the add-on features of various variants of the particular model.

Click here: Check features Manufacturer wise, car wise, variant wise

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JD Batta-Surveyor & Loss assessor



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