National Insurance Company Limited is  incorporated in 1906 and registered in Kolkata and became one of the four subsidiaries of General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC). Wholly owned and controlled by the Government of India, it continued its operation as a GIC subsidiary, until the August of 2002. Subsequent to the notification of the General Insurance Business (Nationalization) Amendment Act, on August 7, 2002, National Insurance Company Limited (NIC) de-linked from its holding company GIC and started operating, as a Government of India undertaking.

NIC is headquartered in Kolkata and being one of the leading public sector insurance companies of India, it effectively carries out the general insurance business in the country. Right from the metropolitan cities to the rural areas and remote townships, NIC has enveloped the entire country with its services. While the domestic operations are carried out by the offices in India, foreign operations are controlled from its branch office in Nepal.

Products & Services

Personal Line Insurance
Personal line products offer a range of policies covering the requirements of the customers, right from motor cycle to accident, critical illness to education and women welfare. These insurance policies cover individuals as well as groups. Personal line products offer insurance services for people, properties and liabilities.

Policies For Individual/Group Insurance

  • Personal Accident Policy
  • Critical Illness Policy
  • Amartya Siksha Yojana Policy
  • Mediclaim Policy
  • NRI Accident Policy
  • Traffic Accident Policy
  • Rajrajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojana Policy
  • Bhagyashree Child Welfare Policy
  • VIDYARTHI – Mediclaim for Students
  • UCO Medi + Care Bima Policy
  • VARISTHA – Mediclaim for Senior Citizens
  • BOI National Swasthya Bima
  • Overseas Mediclaim
  • Baroda Health Policy
  • Star National Swasthya Bima Policy


Policies For Property Insurance

  • Motor Policy – Two Wheelers
  • Motor Policy – Private car
  • Householders Policy
  • Baggage Policy
  • Niwas Yojana Policy


Policy For Liability Insurance

  • Professional Indemnity for Doctors


Rural Line Insurance
Rural lifestyles and occupations are entirely different from the urban ones. Many of the rural people depend upon agriculture and animal husbandry for their daily bread. This makes their lives and incomes very unpredictable because any fortuitous event/s can ruin their source of income. National Insurance Company takes special care of rural people and offers policies tailor-made to cover all their requirements. Rural line policies provide coverage for agriculture and agricultural accessories such as pump set, tractor etc along with accident coverage and livestock coverage policies. NIC’s rural policies are as:

  • Cattle / Livestock Insurance
  • Sheep and Goat Insurance
  • Elephant Insurance
  • Dog Insurance
  • Brackish Water Prawn Insurance
  • Silkworm ( Sericulture) Insurance
  • Janata Personal Accident Insurance
  • Horticulture/Plantation Insurance
  • Kisan Agriculture Pumpset Insurance

Industrial Line Insurance
Industries are major contributors of our economy. They use highly sophisticated machineries for production and that puts them at risk. Insurance policies provide insurance coverage for all the needs of industry. The policies are categorized under Project Insurance, Operational Industrial Policies and Liability Insurance.

Project Insurance Policies

  • Erection All Risks Insurance (EAR)
  • Contractors All Risks Insurance (CAR)


Operational Industrial Policies

  • Machinery Insurance (MI)
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI)
  • Consequential Loss (Fire) Policy
  • Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy
  • Workmen Compensation Insurance


Liability Insurance Policies

  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance


Commercial Line Insurance
Commercial establishments cover a number of risks, like unexpected loss due to forgery, theft, burglary, dishonesty of employees, damage of stock, fire etc., which can turn your well-run business to complete bankruptcy. National Insurance Company provides a complete solution for all these problems by offering a wide range of policies.

  • Burglary (Business Premises) Policy
  • Shopkeepers Policy
  • Bankers Indemnity Policy
  • Office Package Policy
  • Glass Insurance
  • Money Insurance
  • Jewellers Block Policy
  • Extended Warranty Policy
  • Directors and Officers Liability Policy
  • Fidelity Guarantee Policy
  • Marine Cargo Insurance