SMP or Surveyor Management policy of formulated By the PSGIC’s like NIA, OIC, UIIC & NIA is one more hurdle for entrance & smooth functioning of the surveying profession. Rather, it is of no use to the new entrants & is a cruel joke. However lets go through lighter side of the SMP process.

Surveyor Management Policy (SMP)

To be a surveyor, you must ‘be courteous, diplomatic, shrewd, persuasive, an expert jollier, of an equable temper, slow to anger, a Sherlock Holmes, up-to date, good looking (with honest eyes and a glad hand), a good memory, acute business judgment, and the embodiment of virtue but with a good working knowledge of sin and evil in all its forms.   

A surveyor must understand insurance, electricity, chemistry, mechanics, physics, bookkeeping, banking, merchandising, selling, shipping, contracting law, medicine, real estate, horse trading and human nature.

He must be a mind-reader, a hypnotist, an athlete, and above all, an expert photographer. He must be acquainted with machinery of all types and materials of all kinds and he must know the current price of everything from a shoestring to a skyscraper. He must know all, see all, and tell nothing and be everywhere at the same time.

He must satisfy the claims manager, deputy manager, the clerical staff, the underwriting department,the development manager, the general agent, the local agent, the solicitor, the insured, the claimant and the repairer.

SMP-Surveyor Management policy of OIC, NIC, UIIC, NIA

SMP-Surveyor Management Policy of OIC, NIC, UIC & NIA