Insurance Humour:

An insurance claim processor was leaving for work one day when his wife asked him, “You always carry my photograph with you when you’re going to the office. Why?”

The processor replied, “Well, whenever I hit a problem, no matter how impossible it might seem, I just take a look at your photo and the problem just goes away.”

His wife was very pleased with this reply and said to her husband warmly, “Ha! See how wonderful and miraculous I am for you?”

He replied “Yes, I just take a look at your picture and then I say to myself, ‘What other problem can there be greater than this one?'”


A traveller was exploring a remote island that was inhabited solely by tribals. One day the traveller came upon a butcher’s shop which specialized in human brains. The brains were different prices according to the source. The sign in the shop had the prices as follows:

Actuary’ Brains…..                  Rs.50/Kg

Loss assessors brain…..        Rs.100/Kg

Underwriters’ Brains…..          Rs. 200/Kg

Claim manager’s brain……    Rs.400/Kg

Insurance surveyor’s brain ….Rs. 2000/Kg


When he read the sign, the traveller exclaimed, “My, those insurance surveyors’ brains really must be something special!”

The butcher replied, “Are you kidding me! Do you have any idea how many of them we have to kill to get one Kg of brains?”