1. Field Survey App


After receiving the assignment the field executive will fill the basic data of vehicle, driver & other details into the android app panel & & arrange the photographs which will immediately sync with the back-office desktop software.

After receiving the data, the first step is to register the claim by feeding the basic data in the online software for motor survey with key features as under: 


2. Back end on-line software / application:

Stage One:

  1. Insurer: we fill the name of the insurer & BO/DO code, rest of the details like address, email ID, phone no. & mobile no. of the branch/manager are auto-picked & filled in the format.
  2. Vehicle details: You need to fill the vehicle no., Make, variant of the car, validity of RC & rest of the data like type of body, class of vehicle, CC, laden wt. Tax paid, Date of purchase etc. is picked up & stored automatically omitting any omission & commission while preparing final report,
  3. policy particulars: You need to fill the policy no. & IDV. There after you have to tick the check boxes for dep cap cover, Any kind of applicable IMT & any special painting rule & the formula applies automatically in the worksheet without any risk of omission due to oversight. You also need to fill the start date of policy & expiry is picked up.
  4.  Insured & driver detail: Now you need to fill the name, address, Mob. No., & Email Id of the insured. Name & DL no. of driver at the time of accident is also to be mentioned at the first stage of claim registration.
  5. Repairer detail: Here we mention the name of the repairer & rest of the data like type of repairer, whether dealer or not, address, Mob. No., Email is picked up automatically from the pre-fed data.
  6. Action dates: Next you mention date of accident, survey, expected delivery. Thereafter also mention the major parts damaged, estimate of loss & provisional assessment.
  7. Documents: The available docs submitted by the insured are automatically loaded on your system. A list of all the required docs is already given in the section, you only have tick the check boxes against the not received docs.


Besides the auto filled fields, the manually filled fields will have the pop up window to pin point the any kind of errors by the system operator. For example, the system will check out the policy validity in relation to the date of loss/survey etc. The validity and type of driving license will be matched with the type of vehicle field and any kind of miss-match will be pointed out by the system to alert the data entry operator.

This above action completes the claim registration process & stores the data over cloud for any time use.

And as you close the application,  a mail to the repairer &  insured, about the survey done, damages observed, repair authorization & pending documents will be shooted automatically. Simultaneously another mail will reach to the insurer about the damages & provisional assessment. There is another check box, ticking over which, the reminder of the pendency on the part of repairer as well as insured will automatically sent, after the predefined days.


Stage 2:

  • Report preparation: After final repairs & receipt of bills, The soft copies of estimate & bills are to be uploaded in the software work sheet without any need of typing the same thus saving time involved in the manual effort & also omitting the chances of any kind of human errors. The software worksheet can also check the MRP of the parts from the pre-fed price list and or from the previous reports. Thereafter necessary addition/deductions are automatically carried out. And rest of the job like gross loss & net loss is also automatically worked out after applying the given formulas & applicable conditions.

And as soon as you close the application, the complete report in PDF format along with the photographs & all claim documents is automatically E-mailed to the insurers & other stake holders.

At the same time, the complete report is saved on the cloud which can be viewed & downloaded by the service provider as well as well the insurer anytime & from anywhere when required.


Online software

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