Mobile phone is integral part of our lives today, becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Phone serve as a one-stop solution for various needs such as paying bills, shopping online, making calls, sending messages, browsing the internet, staying updated with news, watching movies, playing games etc.etc..

With new & new models & features every day, the cost of the phone is also increasing and makes you vulnerable to financial loss in case the phone gets damaged.

After buying an expensive mobile phone, we often spend a lot of money on protective cases to shield it against any harmful impact. Your phone’s mobile screen is the most vulnerable part of your phone and is prone to cracking or shattering. Repair or replacement of your phone screen is a huge expense. Hence, buying mobile screen insurance, especially when you own an expensive phone, is a smart way to ensure that even if your phone is damaged or lost.

Now you can easily protect your mobile phone screen against the risk of damage, through Mobile Screen Insurance, a unique Pocket Insurance policy from Bajaj Finserv.

This b insurance provides coverage against any damage to your phone screen due to fire and oajaj finserve offers pocket insurance policy to cover perils like riots, strikes, natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, cyclones, robbery & burglary with a coverage provided for Rs.10000.00 & premium cost of only Rs.499/-.

Additionally, if your phone screen is damaged due to a robbery or burglary at your insured premises (as mentioned on the Certificate of Insurance), you can get coverage for the same. In case your mobile phone screen suffers any accidental damage, the insurance also covers repair and replacement costs. Another benefit under this insurance is that you get coverage for any unexpected electrical or mechanical breakdown of your phone screen.

As per the story provided by buisnesswire india,You can avail all of the above features and benefits and get coverage up to Rs 10,000 by paying a premium of just Rs 499.

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