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What is this???  Since most of the banks & non-banking finance companies don’t like to hire in-house man power for their loan related portfolio to control their fixed salary liability, the work is outsourced to a third party agency called DSA or DMA. The are 10’s of banks & non-banking financial companies in the field but the main players  are ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Mahindra financial services, AU finance, Shriram financials & Sundram finance.

The Govt sector banks like SBI, PNB, Bank of Baroda etc. also outsource their loaning services to outside agencies.

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In India, over two Cr new vehicles are being sold every year & In addition around 2 Cr 2nd hand vehicles are also sold, most of which are financed. Similarly crores of home loans, property loans, personal loans, study loans, business loans are also disbursed. So keeping in view the big numbers, there is huge scope of marketing & big earning, in the product.

The vertical provides great scope to grow  as I have seen lot of DSA’s earning big money & went on to become full-fledged Automobile dealers for Maruti, Hundai, Tata & Hero Honda brands.

Type of loans:

Hereunder is the list of  main type of loans:

  1. New vehicle loans
  2. Used vehicle loans
  3. Loan against property
  4. Education Loans
  5. Home loans
  6. Agri loans
  7. Business Loans
  8. CC/OD limit
  9. Loan against property

How does it work:

since banks & NBFC’s don’t hire in-house man power for this to reduce their fixed liability, so they outsource this job to a third party called DSA.

So Person in need of loan will approach DSA, who get his documentations done & send the file, complete in all respects, send it to the financier for processing. In case of any discrepancy, the same is removed through DSA & loan is approved.

How is it similar to survey job ?

Insurance claim process Loan documentation process
1.We go through policy contract DSA go through loan contract /agreement
2Analyze policy term & conditions Analyze loan contract terms-conditions
3.Check documents like claim form, estimate, ID proof, address proof, RC, DL Check docs like  ID, address proof, vehicle quotation, income proof
4. After analysis, work out admissibility & quantum of claim After analysis, workout the eligibility & quantum of loan
5. In case of minor discrepancy we try to ignore to make it payable & we never intend for its repudiation/rejection until there is some major flaw.                                             In case of discrepancy, DSA strengthen it with additional docs like bank statement, property proof or income proof of family member for lender’s comfort


In insurance survey, first of all we check the terms & conditions of the policy contract & thereafter after we check the other docs & finally we inspect the affected vehicle or the property. And after analyzing all above we arrive at a conclusion whether the claim is payable or not & if payable, then we work out the amount of claim.

In case of loans, we go through the terms & conditions of loan contract & thereafter, we check documents & after analysis of the same we decide whether the borrower is eligible for loan & if yes then we work out the loan amount.


It is 2 to 4% of the loan amount & keeping in view the average ticket size/ loan size of Rs. 5/7 lac, it comes out to the tune of Rs. 20000.00.

Additional income avenues:

  1. From compulsory insurance,
  2. Commission /sale incentive from auto dealer
  3. Used vehicle-resale house valuation Fee
  4. Bridge finance
  5. Processing charges from client
  6. Commission for Account opening & credit cards

It adds up another 10/15000  to Bank payout & total comes to Rs. 35000 in just  a one case which is a good amount as compared to our survey fee.

My recommended/preferred product:

As Consumer & lender, both need your services, you are a sought after professional. Moreover you get appreciation from the borrower because you got his weak case approved & banker is also happy because you provided him a client.

But in survey job, we get cursed by insurer, claimant & also by an automobile dealer. It has become a thankless job, now a days.

Our USP:

  1. You are already connected with automobile industry
  2. You are a established analyst,
  3. You are a Respected & reliable professional,
  4. You have a vast network of people like auto dealers, their workers, insurance employees & thousands of claimants.

Initial Investment:

Rs.10/15000,  as basic infra like a PC, a two wheeler/Four-wheeler, a phone & reasonable furniture like a table/chairs,  is already available with us.

And if you want to escalate, 2/3 like minded surveyors can join hands & set up a decent office in their city with minor investment of around rupees one lac.

To start with:

Any one interested to get training in the vertical may send his details

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Address

98140 35162

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