IIISLA elections process to choose 12 members for central council is going on. Some of the non-serious member have withdrawn their names & final list of the valid nominations have been published. There are about 6000 good standing members of the Indian institute of insurance surveyors & loss assessor ( IIISLA) who are eligible to vote in the current elections but Majority of those are dis-interested in the exercise & may not be conversant with the voting process. Here is the voting methodology explained.

As the members are scattered all over India, the whole country is divided into four zones viz north zone, south zone, east zone & west zone. And out of the 12 central council seats 4 members are to be chosen as all India candidates which means that the eligible voters can vote for any four members. There is no restriction of state or zone. Overall you have 12 no’s of votes in hand, 4 for the all India candidates  & 8 for the zonal candidates. The methodology of voting is being illustrated in the following example:


Suppose zone wise eligible members aspiring to be elected for four no’s of all India seats in this election are as under:

All India candidates for IIISLA central council election:

North zone                         10

South zone                         7

West zone                           9

East zone                             5

The above figure is example only as there is no mention of their zone in the list & they are shown as all India candidates & they will be listed as 31 all India candidates.

Now you can vote for any four members from any zone, like you can choose 3 members from north & one from east or you may choose two from south, one from east & one from west or you can choose all four from north. So you can make your permutations & combinations as per you liking & choose any four members from the list of  all India candidates for central council election 2019.

Then comes the turn of your choice for 8 no’s of zonal candidates- two from each zone & in this case there is compulsion to choose at least 2 members from each zone. You cannot vote for three members from one zone.

Example: suppose there are about 47 member in all, aspiring to be elected for central council & their zone wise count is as under:

Zone wise candidates for IIISLA central council:

North zone                         17

South zone                         12

West zone                           10

East zone                             8

Now you have 8 votes in hand & you can vote for any two members from each zone. In this case you cannot vote for more than two candidates from one zone.

And that completes the process of election of twelve members for IIISLA  central council who in turn will choose the president & other office bearers among themselves.

Actual list of candidates for IIISLA central council elections 2019

This time IIISLA has decided to adopt the E-Voting or electronic voting process for the central council elections.This is the right mode to avoid the menace of blank paper ballots by the central council candidates. In addition the e-voting will eliminate postal and other natural delays & increase the participation of the members. Moreover the electronic voting will increase the transparency & also facilitate the member to vote at a time and place of their convenience.

Conducting of the e-voting for iiisla central council elections has been entrusted to the CDSL having expertise to handle the same. The step by step process of voting has been minutely explained on their official website which the voter can check through the link below.

IIISLA central council elections 2019 e-voting process

One can also move directly to & can vote after log-in to the site. The process flow of the voting for IIISLA elections has been explained hereunder for the benefit of the members.

  1. The voting period begins at 10.00A.M  and ends at 5.00 P.M (17.00 Hrs) on the specified dates.. The e-voting module shall be disabled for voting thereafter.


  1. Voters should log on to the e-voting website during the voting period.


  1. Click on Shareholders/ go to next option of the e-voting process.


  1. Enter your User ID as IIISLA7777


  1. Next enter the Image Verification as displayed and Click on Login.


  1. Enter your password as ET5T8LT5


  1. After entering these details appropriately, click on “SUBMIT” tab.


  1. Select the EVSN of Indian Institute of Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors on which you choose to vote & participate in voting process.


  1. On the voting page, you will see “Candidate Selection Option” and against the same the choice “YES” for voting. Select the option YES for the Candidate (Contestant) you wish to vote for. The option YES implies that you assent to the Candidate (Contestant).


  1. After selecting the Candidate you have decided to vote on, click on “SUBMIT”. A confirmation box will be displayed. If you wish to confirm your vote, click on “OK”, else to change your vote, click on “CANCEL” and accordingly modify your vote.


  1. Once you “CONFIRM” your vote on the Candidate, you will not be allowed to modify your vote.


  1. Please note that a member can cast votes lesser than the numbers to be elected for that region but not more. Eg. For North region where two people need to be elected, votes can be cast for one, two or none and not more than 2 votes. One can also choose not to vote for anyone. However, the votes once set cannot be modified. Hence it is important that the votes be cast with a lot of care.


  1. The member can vote on 1 zone & go to next zone for voting and can come back & view the zone for which he has already voted but cannot modify the same once voted. Once the number of votes under the category is reached, one cannot go back to that region to vote. Eg. In the All India, you might decide to vote for 3 people, and then move on to the North region and vote for two people before proceeding to the East zone. In this scenario, one cannot go back to the North Zone, but one can revisit the All India region wherein one vote is still pending to be cast for the IIISLA central council elections.


  1. You can also take out print of the voting done by you by clicking on “Click here to print” option on the e-Voting page.


  1. A scrutinizing officer is appointed to scrutinize independently the entire operation of e-voting for IIISLA central council elections.

Electronic voting site for iiisla central council elections

Even the results of the IIISLA central council candidates can be declared quickly with any delay. And that completes the IIISLA central council voting process & elections of candidates.

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