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What lies in future for the insurance surveyors ? The business is going down day by day.  Most of the surveyor community depends upon the assignments from public sector insurance companies as the private sector insurers handle their reported insurance claim through their own employees called in-house surveyors. But the Market share of the public sector companies is going down with every passing month.  As per the latest data,   the market share of Motor-OD premium of public sector has come down to 23% only. So whole of the community is highly worried about the future scenario.

So what to do? The writer is of the opinion that surveyors must try their hands on some similar kind of add-on verticals to boost their sagging income levels.  Here we are uploading a video about similar type of consulting profession which they can practice along with their current job. This can be done with little bit of additional effort & without any major investment.

Education & Immigration consultancy
Overseas Education

Scope: There is big trend to go abroad & nearly 30% of the students prefer to study abroad & trend is growing. In addition, lots of skilled people are also migrating to other countries in search better employment avenues. So there is great scope to grow & earn big.
Skills required: Knowledge of terms & conditions as well as communication skills.

Preferred countries for study & immigration: USA—-UK—CANADA—AUSTRALIA—NEWZELAND, GERMANY—EUROPE—SINGAPORE Etc.

Type of visa’s: ( Products)
1. Study visa
2. Visitor Visa
3. Permanent Residency
4. Nanny
5. Business immigration
6. Work permit
7. Refusal cases Etc.

Popular courses: There are 100’s of streams to choose from. Popular streams are computers, management, hospitality , commerce, accounting, Bio-tech, automotives, nursing etc

Medicine is a new vertical these days & China, Russia, Ukraine are destination countries.

Popular colleges: Ranking of the various colleges/universities is available on various plateforms but it all depends on the suitability of candidate & this ios the topic where the knowledge of the consultant comes handy.

Similarities: How insurance surveyors are suitable to handle this ?

Insurance Claim process Visa application process
1.     We work with 6/7 insurers They work with 6/7 countries
2.     Each insures have different policy contracts                (Products) Each country has different visa products
3.     Each Ins. policy has different  terms & conditions Each visa product has different terms & condition (ielts score-marks)
4.     Interpretation of policy terms & conditions, to              check admissibility of claim Interpretation of visa terms & conditions for admission, work permit & PR

So as you study the various type policies, term conditions of different insurers, here you have to have knowledge of various kind of visa term of different countries.

Main Job—Interpretation of terms & conditions

Just like interpretation of policy terms & conditions of insurance contract, you have to interpret the terms & conditions of various kind of visa’s like student visa, visitor visa, work permit, PR application, citizen ship etc. Every country & every product has different terms & conditions

And the end game, in case of insurance claim settlement is to convince & satisfy the insurers whereas in immigration you need to satisfy the Embassy officials. In both the cases you have to present your case by making various permutations & combinations of supporting documents

Renumeration: ( Kya Khoya kya Paya)
Payout in this vertical is very high as compared survey fee. It can be Rs.30000 to Rs.100000.00 in a normal case & can go upto 5/10 lac also, in some complicated case whereas our last limit is only 10/12000 in motor survey job.

Survey Fee Visa payout
Starts from: Rs. 850.00 Starts from: Rs. 30000.00
Max motor fee: 12000/ average fee: Rs.2000.00 Max student visa fee:Rs.100000.00/Average 50000
Average non motor fee: Rs. 6000.00 Average PR/refusal case Rs. 200000.00


USP of surveyors:
1. Most of the visa consultants are lowly educated & comparatively younger age with little domain experience, life skills & exposure.
Whereas you are a mid aged professional with existing domain expertise.
2. Lot of life exposure
3. Negotiating & convincing skills.
4. Moreover you already have a vast local network,
5. Have established identity,
6. A trusted face who is there for last 20/25 years & reliable. Lots of people know you personally, will give reference
7. So you can do wonders.

Investment: ( 15-20 lac) But in your case you can Start from your existing office with Zero investment.

How to take a start:
1. Spread word of mouth,

2. Look in your surroundings, towards your relative / friend circle, in your neighborhood & you will find some prospective candidates in every third house who are pursuing the dream to study abroad of immigrate They will be readily willing to deal with you as you are a known & trusted face.
3. And after getting some exposure, You may maintain a reasonable office setup with investment of 1-2 lac. What people start with 15-20 lacs you can do with 1-2 lac because you have a specific USP/uniqueness.

Any one interested to get training in the vertical may send his details

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