Donot laugh at me:

You May be an insurance surveyor if . . .

You reach for your wallet just to make sure it’s still there when you hear a claimant say, “I only want what’s coming to me ….”

You read about a spectacular and tragic accident in your local newspaper or see it on TV and say aloud, “Wow – that’s gonna’ be a big claim!”

You may be an independent surveyor if you scan The Weather Channel for emerging tropical storms in the ocean  and yell, “COME ON, BABY!!”

Your car sports a bumper sticker that reads, “Adjusters get no release.”

You know that a body shop has nothing to do with a massage parlor.

You know that a frame-straightener is not found inside an optician’s shop.

You can speak for twenty minutes straight on the pro’s and con’s of aftermarket parts.

Finally, you may be a surveyor if . . . You can use the word “betterment” with a straight face.