Dog insurance

Bajaj Allianz has come up with a “Dog insurance” called Bajaj Allianz Pet Dog Insurance Policy for the dogs from age 3 months to 10 years & premium for this policy starts from ₹315.


Base cover: Surgery expenses and hospitalization cover

Optional covers: (a) Mortality benefit cover (b) Terminal diseases cover (c) Long term care cover (d) OPD cover (e) theft/lost/straying cover (f) third party liability cover.

It covers treatment costs of specified diseases as well as surgeries, hospitalization or death due to            illnesses. it also covers the theft/loss or straying of the pet dog

 T.P. cover: The policy also covers legal liability of pet owner in case of any third party bodily injury, death or property damage because of the pet dog including the legal costs for defending the claim.

While looking at the above promotional material, I remembered a famous curse “ to die a dog’s death”. To elaborate, the phrase “dog’s death” means an  unclaimed or heir less dead body & I decided to get my dog insured so that if some mishap occurs he will  be treated well in a hospital & not die a “dogs death”.
Thereafter my mental horses ran to the disturbing news coming from the various corners of Punjab where dead bodies of people dying in the hospitals due to pandemic kovid-19, are not being accepted by their kith & kin. Their children are refusing to take part in their last rites.
Is’t it a dog’s death ?
But in the depressing scenario, I see a faint ray of hope in form of some kovid warriors who are performing the last rites of discarded humans & also in people like famous actor ”Sonu Sood” of Moga Punjab, who are trying to protect thousands of migrants from dying a “dog’s death”
So should I insure my dog to enable him to have a humanly treatment or join the warriors to do something for humans ?
JD Batta-SLA
Admin: Claim Hub-Chandigarh

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